Outcome Survey

Thank you for participating in the Primary Care 2013 Conference. LECOM is required to contact participants of our CME programs to determine the outcome of our educational content. Please complete the following survey in a timely manner. (within 90 days). Your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Data from the survey is used solely to evaluate the effectiveness of LECOM CME programs.

Please provide your email address so that we can confirm that you have completed the survey.
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How would you rate the overall quality of the CME conference program?
Excellent    Very Good    Good    Somewhat Good    Poor   

Were you able to incorporate the information you learned into your clinical practice?
Yes    No   

What percentage of the material covered in all the lectures were you able to incorporate in your medical practice?
80 to 100%    60 to 80%    40 to 60%    20 to 40%    Less than 20%   

How would you rate the patient safety risk management lectures?
Excellent    Very Good    Good    Somewhat Good    Poor   

Do you have any comments about the CME program that you would like to share?

Do you have suggestions for future CME topics that will improve your patient care outcomes?

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